Our recruiters don’t just go out and fill spots and take hair stylist’s rent money. Our recruiters lead our people to a six-figure income with a proven system that works and has worked for years within a 12-month period. Unlike leasing managers and agents, our recruiters work hand-in-hand marketing and teaching booth renters and suite renters a way to improve their finances and ways of living. We have story after story of how our incredible recruiting team has touched the lives of our hair team and shown them how they are part of the Hairs2U family and not just a rent check. We understand that if we help our stylists make more money, we all win. Hairs2U isn’t just another Salon Suites concept, but a Business System whereby anyone with some ambition, hard work ethic, and some coaching can go straight to owning their own salon with no money out of their pocket.
Daniel Kinnel 2 BW

Daniel Kinnel

Mr. Kinnel is one of our rising stars and top recruiters. His background is in the entertainment industry and sales. Mr. Kinnel also is a public speaker, business trainer and business owner.

aundre blasingame-bw

Aundre Blasingame

Aundre Blasingame is a native of Louisville, KY but has been in Texas for the last 18 years. His background is in hospitality, sales and entrepreneurship. He is a chef and owner of Heavenly Catering, which Dallas/Fort Worth’s fastest growing catering company in the metroplex. Heavenly Catering is currently listed #2 on Google under “catering dfw”. Much of Mr. Blasingame’s success is attributed to the business system Hairs 2 U has to offer and the business mentors they have in place. His personal motto is “Perfection is the goal, progress is the expectation.” As an empowerment speaker, Aundre “Empowers the Genius In Us” by having fun while teaching the facts and helping others to make money.

“I learn more about people than I do the product. Because that skill will have a larger return than the product.”

Antonious Solomon

Antonious Solomon

Antonious Solomon is a native of Ethiopia but has been in Texas for the last 13 years. His background is in film, photography and entrepreneurship. He is a director and owner of Infinite Kreationz Studios, which is Dallas/Fort Worth’s fastest growing multi- media company. Much of Mr. Solomon’s success is attributed to the business system Hairs 2 U has to offer and the business mentors they have in place. His personal motto is “Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance.”

Porsha Harris

Porsha Harris

Porsha Harris is originally from Dallas Tx, attended Texas Woman’s University. Background is in customer service, beauty and the entertainment industry. I enjoy doing makeup and making women feel beautiful inside and out. My goal is to empower women and men to grow into their full potential by educating them and providing them the resources they need to achieve there dreams. I have always been a leader and always possessed confidence to go after whatever i wanted. I want to build a legacy and make more men and women into leader’s and successful entrepreneurs like Oprah, Mary Kay, Joyce Meyer and Tyra Banks and I thrive to achieve similar goals that they have. I try my best to show integrity, fairness and respect. I am loyal to the mission God has given me and I am honored to be used to do Gods work. Life is very precious and not to be taken for granted. And I understand the bigger the dream the bigger the team has to be. Would love to partner with other like-minded individuals who want to work together to help change the world and make it a better place. I thank God for Hairs 2 You because of this opportunity I and others have an opportunity to achieve their dreams.

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