Why we're different

A Different Approach to Hair Salon Ownership:
Best Full Service Salon + Innovative Business Incubator = Debt-Free Business Ownership

Hairs2U Salon and Suites is more than a trendsetting, full service hair salon that caters to all your beauty needs. Hairs2U is also an innovative business incubator that trains and transforms cosmetology professionals into debt-free business owners. Hairs2U is led by successful entrepreneurs who are committed to investing in dynamic, talented, and resourceful cosmetology professionals destined to revolutionize the hair salon experience for both the customer and the stylist.

A World Class Salon Experience

Recently upgraded to project a clean, sleek, and modern feel, Hairs2U Salon and Suites has an extended offering of professional hair care services, including:

  • Extensions and Weaves
  • Highlights, Hair Color, and Color Correction
  • Braids and Twists
  • Press and Curl
  • Relaxers
  • Shampoo and Blow Dry
  • Haircuts
  • Razor Service and Beard Trimming
  • UpDo’s and Other Special Occasion Hair Styles

Hairs2U is a full service hair salon specializing in both youth and adult hair care.

Business Incubation Leads to Industry Innovation

Most cosmetology graduates dream of one day owning a salon. Through the business ownership incubator program, Hairs2U has taken that dream and made it a reality for hundreds of ambitious, talented, and hardworking salon professionals who now own and operate a suite, booth, or full service salon. The greatest part of achieving ownership through the incubator program is that the business they own is debt-free.

Participants in the incubator program receive business training (including financial literacy), coaching, and mentorship from successful entrepreneurs who have created more six-figure income earners from behind the chair than anyone else. Once participants graduate from the business ownership incubator program with a proven and guaranteed operating system, they have all the tools they need to run profitable and sustainable businesses. In addition, successful graduates of the business ownership incubator program have a multimillion-dollar investment firm on speed dial to assist with healthy growth and expansion plans.

The Hairs2U business ownership incubator is free to those who qualify. For more information or to enroll, please call 817-701-6657.


We are reshaping the hair industry one stylist at a time. We are empowering more hair stylists into six-figure income earners using our unique system here at Hairs 2 U Salon and Suites than any other salon out there. We have also empowered two hair stylists into ownership with NO MONEY out of their pockets. You have complete freedom and power to choose just how far you climb the ladder of success.

Jamie Gallant BW

Jamie Gallant

1 (817)701-6657

Hairs 2 U Salon and Suites owner of the South Arlington location off of Bowen and I-20. Graduated from Ogle School of Cosmetology in 2007. Master Stylist and colorist. Worked at Ulta for 7 years before she left to come on board with Hairs 2 U Salon for the business ownership opportunity and the team environment. Was also attracted to the opportunity because they embraced diversity in an open environment salon.
Whitney Griffith

Whitney Griffith

I have been on the Hairs 2 U Salon Team since January 2012, and it has been an incredible ride. I’ve learned so much about running a successful hair business. Not only did I overcome many fears with the help of the leadership team. I came on board with no clientele & now have over 80 return hair clients that come in on a regular basis. By following the system that Hairs 2 U Salon has in place, there is no way not to have $. Not only have I learned new hair skills, but I’ve gotten the best of both worlds in that I have learned to also run a successful business from the one-on-one personal training I have received from the self-made millionaires. I’m now one of the owners at Hairs2U without any money out of my pocket from this incredible company in less than 3 years.


Ashley West

My name is Ashley West, I have been in the hair industry for 9 yrs. I specialize in natural hair, weaving,relaxers,cuts and color. I graduated from Remington College in 2008 in Fort Worth, TX. Before I came to Hairs 2 U Salon & Suites I was about to stop doing hair because I was 3 yrs in my career and still had no clients.

When I found out about Hairs 2 U Salon back in 2011 it was right on time for me to make a move. So far just being with this company and plugging in to this system my clientele has increased on average of 15-20 new clients each month.

They helped me reach my income goals and retire from my corporate job. Went From working full-time to Part-time doing hair making a full time income. I am truly grateful to be able to work with this company because I have gained so much knowledge and skills . I’m a mother of 2 now and the BIGGEST thing I’ve learned is You have to work on yourself and then the Money will come. It only works as long as you work it.


Business Team


Cynthia Freeman

Originally from Arkansas, but moved to Texas over 30 years ago. Cynthia Freeman’s goal was to come here for a better opportunity, and has been an entrepreneur at heart since her early 20’s. She loves helping people and said “God has always put the right people in my pathway to help achieve goals that I had written down for myself. As Jim Rohn would say ‘I have been with money as well as without’. It is better to deal with problems with money.” Enjoys working with Hairs 2 U and its Leadership Team. Considers all of the years she had mentors and worked with numerous successful people, as well as been involved with personal self-development, as stepping stones to get her to the point she’s at today. “I learned a lot but have learned so much more in the past year that my paradigm has changed to a whole new perspective. I understand more now why there are 2 different worlds, one for the rich and one for the poor. Love my Hairs 2 U family.”


Derek Martin

Originally from New Jersey, Derek Martin graduated from the University of Arkansas, 1990. Mr. Martin has been a veteran with the U.S. Air Force for 12 years. Derek is happily married for over 27 years and has 3 beautiful kids. He is the owner of a medical billing company and a business person with 18 years in the Pharmaceutical industry with companies like Pfizer, etc. Derek joined Hairs 2 U for the opportunity to train with a proven hair industry system, with a team of highly successful associates. Mr. Martin loves to coach and help others achieve their dreams through business partnership and training.
Janet Pilkington BW

Janet Pilkington

Janet Pilkington graduated from Baylor University in 1995 with a degree in Elementary Education. She then became a Stay-at-Home-Mom for several years. Instead of going back to teaching in the classroom, Ms. Pilkington decided to build her own practice as a Dyslexia Therapist. The Hairs 2 U business system has helped her to work on her public speaking skills, gain new clients, and develop solid business skills that work for any company.  Janet is now more confident as a business owner and is excited to invest in other companies through Hairs 2 U to help others achieve their dreams as well.

Joe Jackson BW

Joe Jackson

Joe Jackson attended TCU. His background is in business ownership, recruiting, sales and marketing. Mr. Jackson got excited about joining Hairs 2 U due to the powerful business program that was put in place and how it applied to any business in the marketplace. Joe is a business trainer and loves to help others succeed in business. He is also a car dealer and values the business partnership the company offers.


Kent Pilkington

Kent Pilkington is freelance Internet consultant, technologist, speaker, and entrepreneur. His academic achievements include a BA in computer science from Baylor University, an 18-month internship at the SSC particle accelerator, and an MBA in eCommerce from the University of Phoenix. He has been involved in web-related technology development for over 20 years, and loves sharing what he has learned with those around him. “In my personal life, I am a writer, painter, armchair philosopher, yogi, promoter of personal growth and transformation, and certified science geek.” Kent joined Hairs 2 U because he saw the opportunity could help him and his family retire in 3 to 5 years with this proven system.


Salon Leaders


Marquisia Norton

Hi I am Marquisia Norton. My background is in Customer service and Hair Artistry. I graduated from Remington college Fort Worth’s division in 2008. I fell in love with expressing myself through hair Artistry at the mere age of 7 yrs old when my dear grandmother taught me how to French braid. It went on from dolls, family and friends to becoming a professional at the age of 21 after the birth of my daughter. My best day was when I understood the 10 Core system that Hairs 2 U provides and proved it to myself. I chose Hairs 2 U of there eagerness to help the small business owners to reach their fullest potential by proving a proven system and well established effective training every step of the way. Cheers to 6FFH4L!!!

Salons and Services

Salon Locations

Hairs 2 U Arlington (Pioneer)

2400 W. Pioneer Pkwy. Suite #124,#122, and#120 (3)
Arlington, TX

Our South Arlington salon is minutes away from I-30, 360, and I-20 and is a excellent location in the DFW area.

For more information about the Arlington Pioneer salon, click here.


Hairs 2 U Arlington (Collins)

2301 N. Collins Suite #210
Arlington, TX

Our North Arlington location is just seconds away from I-30 and minutes away from 360 and I-20. Our suites and open space concept allows a salon professional to upgrade from an open space to suites starting as low as 25 dollars a week in rent.

For more information about the Arlington Collins salon, click here.

Salon Services

Eyelash Extensions
Brazilian Blowout
Hair Extensions
Loc Extensions
Shampoo & Set
Thermal Straightener

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