We are reshaping the hair industry one stylist at a time. We are empowering more hair stylists into six-figure income earners using our unique system here at Hairs 2 U Salon and Suites than any other salon out there. We have also empowered two hair stylists into ownership with NO MONEY out of their pockets. You have complete freedom and power to choose just how far you climb the ladder of success.

Jamie Gallant BW

Jamie Gallant

1 (817)701-6657

Hairs 2 U Salon and Suites owner of the South Arlington location off of Bowen and I-20. Graduated from Ogle School of Cosmetology in 2007. Master Stylist and colorist. Worked at Ulta for 7 years before she left to come on board with Hairs 2 U Salon for the business ownership opportunity and the team environment. Was also attracted to the opportunity because they embraced diversity in an open environment salon.
Whitney Griffith

Whitney Griffith

I have been on the Hairs 2 U Salon Team since January 2012, and it has been an incredible ride. I’ve learned so much about running a successful hair business. Not only did I overcome many fears with the help of the leadership team. I came on board with no clientele & now have over 80 return hair clients that come in on a regular basis. By following the system that Hairs 2 U Salon has in place, there is no way not to have $. Not only have I learned new hair skills, but I’ve gotten the best of both worlds in that I have learned to also run a successful business from the one-on-one personal training I have received from the self-made millionaires. I’m now one of the owners at Hairs2U without any money out of my pocket from this incredible company in less than 3 years.

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