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Cynthia Freeman

Originally from Arkansas, but moved to Texas over 30 years ago. Cynthia Freeman’s goal was to come here for a better opportunity, and has been an entrepreneur at heart since her early 20’s. She loves helping people and said “God has always put the right people in my pathway to help achieve goals that I had written down for myself. As Jim Rohn would say ‘I have been with money as well as without’. It is better to deal with problems with money.” Enjoys working with Hairs 2 U and its Leadership Team. Considers all of the years she had mentors and worked with numerous successful people, as well as been involved with personal self-development, as stepping stones to get her to the point she’s at today. “I learned a lot but have learned so much more in the past year that my paradigm has changed to a whole new perspective. I understand more now why there are 2 different worlds, one for the rich and one for the poor. Love my Hairs 2 U family.”


Derek Martin

Originally from New Jersey, Derek Martin graduated from the University of Arkansas, 1990. Mr. Martin has been a veteran with the U.S. Air Force for 12 years. Derek is happily married for over 27 years and has 3 beautiful kids. He is the owner of a medical billing company and a business person with 18 years in the Pharmaceutical industry with companies like Pfizer, etc. Derek joined Hairs 2 U for the opportunity to train with a proven hair industry system, with a team of highly successful associates. Mr. Martin loves to coach and help others achieve their dreams through business partnership and training.
Janet Pilkington BW

Janet Pilkington

Janet Pilkington graduated from Baylor University in 1995 with a degree in Elementary Education. She then became a Stay-at-Home-Mom for several years. Instead of going back to teaching in the classroom, Ms. Pilkington decided to build her own practice as a Dyslexia Therapist. The Hairs 2 U business system has helped her to work on her public speaking skills, gain new clients, and develop solid business skills that work for any company.  Janet is now more confident as a business owner and is excited to invest in other companies through Hairs 2 U to help others achieve their dreams as well.


Kent Pilkington

Kent Pilkington is freelance Internet consultant, technologist, speaker, and entrepreneur. His academic achievements include a BA in computer science from Baylor University, an 18-month internship at the SSC particle accelerator, and an MBA in eCommerce from the University of Phoenix. He has been involved in web-related technology development for over 20 years, and loves sharing what he has learned with those around him. “In my personal life, I am a writer, painter, armchair philosopher, yogi, promoter of personal growth and transformation, and certified science geek.” Kent joined Hairs 2 U because he saw the opportunity could help him and his family retire in 3 to 5 years with this proven system.

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