Our recruiters don’t just go out and fill spots and take hair stylist’s rent money. Our recruiters lead our people to a six-figure income with a proven system that works and has worked for years within a 12-month period. Unlike leasing managers and agents, our recruiters work hand-in-hand marketing and teaching booth renters and suite renters a way to improve their finances and ways of living. We have story after story of how our incredible recruiting team has touched the lives of our hair team and shown them how they are part of the Hairs2U family and not just a rent check. We understand that if we help our stylists make more money, we all win. Hairs2U isn’t just another Salon Suites concept, but a Business System whereby anyone with some ambition, hard work ethic, and some coaching can go straight to owning their own salon with no money out of their pocket.

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