Stylist Testimonials


Jamie Gallant BW

Jamie Gallant | (Salon Owner – 5 years+)

Hairs 2 U is a place that I am proud to call home. I have felt nothing short of warmth & welcome from every member of the team since I’ve come on board. The passion of the hairstylist to grow their businesses, the willingness of the salon management team to share their skills, knowledge in both business and in hair in order to bring those dreams to light are unparalleled in this business today. I love the team that I have been welcomed into with such opened arms.

Whitney Griffith

Whitney Griffith | (Salon Owner – 6 years+)

I have been on the Hairs 2 U Salon Team since January 2012, and it has been an incredible ride. I’ve learned so much about running a successful hair business. Not only did I overcome many fears with the help of the leadership team. I came on board with no clientele & now have over 80 return hair clients that come in on a regular basis. By following the system that Hairs 2 U Salon has in place, there is no way not to have $. Not only have I learned new hair skills, but I’ve gotten the best of both worlds in that I have learned to also run a successful business from the one-on-one personal training I have received from the self-made millionaires. I’m now one of the owners at Hairs2U without any money out of my pocket from this incredible company in less than 3 years.


Ashley West | (Salon Owner – 3 years+)

My name is Ashley West, I have been in the hair industry for 9 yrs. I specialize in natural hair, weaving,relaxers,cuts and color. I graduated from Remington College in 2008 in Fort Worth, TX. Before I came to Hairs 2 U Salon & Suites I was about to stop doing hair because I was 3 yrs in my career and still had no clients.

When I found out about Hairs 2 U Salon back in 2011 it was right on time for me to make a move. So far just being with this company and plugging in to this system my clientele has increased on average of 15-20 new clients each month. They helped me reach my income goals and retire from my corporate job. Went From working full-time to Part-time doing hair making a full time income. I am truly grateful to be able to work with this company because I have gained so much knowledge and skills . I’m a mother of 2 now and the BIGGEST thing I’ve learned is You have to work on yourself and then the Money will come. It only works as long as you work it. ASHLEY WEST

patches king-bw

Riantwennette King | (Booth/Suite Renter – 5 years+)

What I have learned from joining the Hairs 2 U team is how to speak to people in business correctly. Hars 2 U has given me confidence to speak in front of others as well as to complete strangers. The leadership team has taught me to be a better business person as far as being in leadership & pacing myself. I have tripled my income joining this team which is wonderful!! They have also shown me what the word TEAM really means because we work together & not against one another. Hairs 2 U is very giving, in fact they worked w/ me for FREE in building clients for several months before I ever even joined the team!

Brittaney Whitfield

Brittaney Whitfield|(Booth/Suite Renter – 5 years+)

I’ve been working at Hairs 2U for about 5 years now and it’s more than just work, it’s a home away from home. What drew me to the salon was the attention to detail in the letter addressed to me. It was hand-written and I felt like they really wanted me and I wasn’t just another stylist. Since I’ve been here my clients and I have all enjoyed our experience day to day. The classes and opportunities they have available are unique and are nothing like your ordinary salon. No other salon will offer you you bang for your buck like Hairs 2U!


Daysha Lockridge|(Booth/Suite Renter – 3 years+)

Hi my name is Daysha Lockridge. I’ve been a licensed cosmologist for 2 years. I graduated from OGLE beauty school in 2015 and I’m a proud Alumni of the from the Arlington campus!

I worked in many salons before joining the Hairs2U team. I am proud to say I am a salon suite renter! I was afraid to venture off on my own but Hairs2u stuck by my side with free business trainings and networking events to help me build my business. I’ve learned from the salon owners so much because they make things fun, give me all the info I need to succeed, check on me, and make sure I’m making the income I want!

Thanks Hairs2U !


Brandy LeMeechie

My name is Brandy LeMeechie Henderson. I am a licensed cosmetologist who specializes in precision haircuts, creative hairstyles and natural looking weaves. I’ve been in the industry for 5 years educating myself to advance my knowledge and skills. I’ve been with Hair2U Salon and Suites for a short time now but I do enjoy the structure they have to help build each stylist at their own pace with their business education  programs, hands on, look and learns they offer and networking events.

I’m looking forward to being apart of this team


Mimi Thompson|(Booth/Suite Renter) Earned $2,129.21 in 2.5 weeks

I have been licensed cosmetologist for almost 20 years. I’ve began my journey operating 2 salons located in South Bend Indiana. I relocated to Texas in 2013 leaving behind all I worked hard to achieve. I put my passion for hair on hold to break into the world of cosmetics. I helped other vendors go from 70k in the hole to almost 400k over their estimated goals.Then I realized enough was enough! I was ready to tap back into what I love to do. I previously worked at H2U for a few months but tapped out to soon, but Aundre Blasingame stayed in contact with me and personally motivated me to come back on board and made it possible for me to build myself up from a booth to a salon suite in just 6 weeks.
From March to April I went from literally $0 take home to $1000 in one week. My first week of May 2018 I grossed  a little over $1200! I owe some of that success to attended the TNT event H2U invites me too. One of the most valuable  things I took from that event was the best practice is not to just pass out business cards but to trade information. In doing so I’m no longer waiting for prospective clients to contact me, I jump start the connections by reaching out first. I truly  look forward to growing my business within H2U while sowing seeds into my purpose as a stylist/entrepreneur.
Mimi Thompson/owner and Operator of Shear Purpose Hair and Beauty.

Jackee Brigham

Hello !
My name is Jackee Brigham, I am a current stylist at Hairs 2 U Salon and Suites in Pantego, TX.
I started with Hairs 2 U straight out of cosmetology school in November 2016.

My business started off a little rocky and I’ve had many ups and downs along the way! HOWEVER !!! 
The Hairs 2 U step up program helped me grow my clientele without the financial stress that’s able to come with it!
I’ve been here for almost 2 years and I love the support that’s been given to me from the team !!!
I am very thankful for HAIRS 2 U! ❤️

 Janet Kensiro

Janet Kensiro

I’ve been doing hair for 3 years and licensed since September. What attracted to Hairs2u was having affordable rent starting at $25/week since I was just graduating and also being able to make 4-6k/month part time doing hair. Hairs2u Has been able to help me by learning a system to gain new clients. My best week since being on board with the team, I made $500. I would like not only gain my own salon from the company I also want to open multiple businesses with this company. I want to be able to learn everything that this company has offer as far as being a business owner. I want to make 50k/month passive income that I’ve read about!  

I’m happy to be with the Hairs2u/OGLE team.

Jessica Testimony_picture

Jessica Rice

Hello, my name is Jessica I am Originally from Mississippi (Yes Southern Girl) with City ways. Lol I’ve lived in Dallas for most of my life.!  I am a proud mother of a 7-year-old Daughter whom I Thank God for each day and is the reasons I have chosen to Make a career change. I loved to help create beautiful smile and well as making women, children and men embrace and love tour all so natural hair. So, I decided to focus on what I’m most passionate about …. which is creating a beautiful canvas of Sister locks™️/Brother locks™️.  I started establishing Sister locks™️/Brother locks™️years ago as a side gig and extra money. I started in my home doing then on the weekend ONLY, so as my clientele grew and still is growing. I realized I needed to make some changes. Which is where the decision to move to a salon came in effect. BEST decision EVER! Thanks to countless missed calls, follow ups long personal talks with Whitney, that I joined HAIRS 2 U Salon early 2018.
I’m here to service the DFW are and your EVERY Sister locks™️/Brother locks™️ needs as well as other as other locking method and natural hair styles. I am now Certified in Sisters Locks.


Ayanna Edwards

My name is Ayanna and I was born in Minnesota on August 25, 1994. When I was 5 years of age, my parents, 3 siblings and I moved top Desoto, TX. I am a proud mother of two beautiful children (a boy and girl) and they are the reason I wake up every morning and work hard. It was Dallas when my passion for hair began. I got started doing hair in high school. My friend in elementary school went and got her hair braided and told everyone I did her hair. Everyone including teachers wanted me to do their hair, so I took that marketing and new clientele and ran with it. Before I knew it, I was doing hair for my classmates and teachers and all their friends. By the time I graduated from high school I had taken a cosmetology course that only added fuel to my passion. Today I have been doing hair for over 5 years specializing in hair extensions. I’m thankful for Hairs 2 U team because they have helped me take my business to a new level and more marketing skills to generate more income for me and my family.


B.J. Walzier-Conner

B.J. Walzier-Conner aka Bree – She has had a passion for hair Her family has tried to push her in different directions, but her passion was always hair. Out of high school she attended Aveda Beauty Institute while at Texas State University. She graduated college with an A.S. in Psychology and a B.A. in Psychology but couldn’t stay away from the industry for too long! She attended Bale Beauty Institute shortly after. She specializes in natural hair & closure/frontal installs.

Besides hair she also has taken courses in make-up design and application, and loves the opportunity to work n clients before their proms or entire wedding parties. She will make certain the bride’s lipstick doesn’t clash with the maid of honor’s dress.

Since coming to Hairs 2 U she has been able to keep her business and hours flexible and continue to take care of family. She was also able to experience the salon life-style and was walked through every step of the way. She took advantage of the business training & has learned how to handle certain clients. Over the years she has taken the training learned and evolved it to fit her needs. She has learned several products and has been able to set the tone and foundation for her business.

Her goal is to help natural haired women figure out every twist and turn their natural hair has to offer.

“Rather through protective styling or natural styling, I’ll continue to challenge myself and bring informative techniques back to the table.” – B.J. Walzier-Conner (Bree)


Anjanette Taylor

Anjanette Taylor A weteran of the hair care industry for over 20 years, I started out in New Orleans , Louisiana then transferred to Arlington, Texas where I found my home at Hairs 2 U Salon and Suites, where there is ongoing education, trainings, and constant coaching on how to build your business . My specialty is total hair care, short styles, quick weaves, and old school updo’s.
Mrs. T


Melody Snyder

Mrs. Melody Snyder!
She is a master stylist and a color specialist with an emphasis on healthy hair. She has been licensed for 9 years.
Hairs 2 U has been dedicated to helping develop a business plan and help guide Melody into finding a vision for herself.
With doing so Melody now has more time with her family and a more focused drive in business. She has expanded her business and learned invaluable marketing strategies and has increased her communication skills and has a new found confidence in herself and business!
Best of luck Melody has we are excited to see your continued growth in your business here at Hairs 2 U!

 Earleen.Aranda.jpg (1)

Earleen Aranda

My name is Earleen Aranda I have been doing hair since I was 9 yrs old. before I became a master stylist. I served in the military for 4yrs in the Air Force.I’m Single no kids. I adopted my sisters 2yr old daughter back in 2014. Which fueled me to be a better stylist and person
I specialize in smoothing treatments, hair braiding , cuts and color.I got excited about the hair industry because I wanted to become a versatile stylist. Which lead me to ITS BEAUTY ACADEMY where I graduated in 2015.
Hairs2Usalon has impacted me the most since I came on board and joined back in April 2016. They have helped me with my communication speaking ,finances and more importantly marketing my business and growing.
My goals being apart of the Hairs2U team is to one day partner with this company to open up my own salon and become financially free.


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